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Date:2006-07-01 23:35
Mood: curious

hallo! how ist everybooty? i looked at my "friends entries" and there aren't any....kinda crazy. i'll check everyone's sites and crap, cause i don't know what to believe. i stopped this a loooong time ago. i dunno who still does it. i was just curious...and it's apparently changed a lot, too, so i'm going to add some pics, methinks. peace!


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Date:2006-02-04 11:48
Mood: embarrassed

hello hello! i hear that allcounty was good and bad in some ways.

good: from my calculations, it's composed of almost ONLY midland people. i could be wrong, but not from the sound of it.
bad: rory made 2nd chair. ok, now, this is just....i'm not going to continue that thought. YOU can.

oh, and i'm loving how my range is just getting better and better. it's so much fun to explore how high i can go...especially when improving. which, i haven't done too much. but, it's still fun to see how high.

we're playing Mambo Swing and i have the solo in it. if you haven't heard it, find it. it's by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. it's really good. i love EVERYTHING about it. the beginning is awesome, but the end is so much better, there's a nice trumpet solo in it that i can play pretty well, then a sax solo, then a trombone solo more towards the end that's pretty nice, and some trumpets doing falls under that solo. the falls remind me of the cat in monty python that gets hit against the wall during the "bring out your dead" scene. it's aweesome. soooo high. i need to figure out how to do the very end though....it's amazing. whoo!!!

and we're also playing one that you guys are familiar with....GREEN ONIONS! that's the only one you guys play...

oh, and we're going to do this thing where you send in a tape to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Band of your band playing their song "I Wanna Be Like You" (which is from the Jungle Book) and whoever has the best tape gets a cash reward AND the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Band comes to one of your concerts and performs WITH your band. HOW SWEET IS THAT?! gah....apparently, the trumpet player is like 5 feet tall though....that's cool. he's amazing.

that's it for now!


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Date:2006-01-20 19:27
Subject:peace hos
Mood: complacent

bonjour, mes amies. hope all has been well across the nation. it's been going ok here, but not much has been happening. we got off school on wednesday on account of snow, which was gone by 10:00, but that's cool because it was a snow day anyway.
by the way, i love the Burger King commercials with The King. classics. i'm willing to bet they'll have a great one for the superbowl. i'm pulling for the steelers and seahawks.
that's about it for now, but everyone give sean a pat on the back because of reasons that you should know. he's a good guy and a good friend, and he's just going through stuff we all go through. seeya later for now.


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Date:2006-01-06 19:21
Mood: depressed

geeze.....i didn't get to see a lot of you. it's because of the stupid school, i assure you. they wouldn't let me visit because i'm "not enrolled" and "it's a closed campus." THAT'S SO GAY. i swear, i was looking forward to seeing you guys, the band, and my teachers for SOOO LONG. it's what i like to call RI-GODDAMN-DICULOUS. sheesh.

hopefully, i'll be able to see you guys sometime later. gah...that was so depressing. but seeing the rest of you guys was pretty cool. anywho...i'll seeya later.


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Date:2006-01-03 23:57
Subject:West Virginia, HERE I COME!
Mood: excited

i'm a-comin', my friends. i will see you soon.

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Date:2005-12-25 03:06
Subject:MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
Mood: cheerful


hope all is well in WV, and wherever else you may be! i'll talk to you guys later. hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

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Date:2005-12-10 12:35
Subject:oh yes.
Mood: amused

so, i have this sound clip that's called "Why there's no trumpet christmas." it's pure genious, and had me rolling on the floor for a very long time. it's absolutely amazing. without a doubt, i think it should be the greatest song of the year. it's just so...awesome. if i could do it, you know i would and i would have SO MUCH FUN WITH IT. omg...if you want it, tell me your email and i'll send it asap. seeyas!


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Date:2005-12-05 05:07
Subject:come on guys, give me some excitement.
Mood: disappointed

YOU BUNCH OF BUMS! i mean, come on! the only person that's updated in like a year is David. way to go, david. now help me get these people off their arses so i can know more about life in WV. sheesh...shame on you all.
my life is pretty much the same. save a few changes...i now, as of last month today, have a wonderful girlfriend named Lydia and today is, in case you didn't catch it, our one month anniversary. i just tried out for midstate and completely bombed my audition, and i dont't think they even took the time to write my name down as someone who tried. oooh well...suck. however, i'm applying for the Governor's School for the Arts. that should be interesting if i make it...it was due today, but my counselor says i have some extra time....hopefully.
well, i'm out for now. SOMEONE UPDATE! i'll seeya later.

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Date:2005-11-27 22:36
Subject:read all about it...the philly/NY trip! actually just a portion...
Mood: tired

the weather...was cold in philly. and new york, for that matter. something like 16 degrees or something?? the parade was hip, and i defitely am loving this new range of mine. 8 F's above the staff in one parade?? amazing. i love it when i lose my mouth gaurd. woot! the parade was ok, i guess. the trip was fun too. um....i'm tired. i need to read beloved by thursday. i'm a slow reader. maybe if i start now i can finish by next saturday...adios, y'all.


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Date:2005-11-20 21:13
Subject:howdy y'all
Mood: surprised

omg....sweet. it's actually letting me write an entry. ok....so, how has everyone been? i've been keeping in touch with some of you, and if you want to keep in touch with me, just kick me in the butt and start talking. i'll talk back, i promise.

tomorrow is Sean's birthday, so everyone spank him 18 times (the extra one for next year) and tell him it was from me.

my band is going to Philadelphia this week for the Thanksgiving Day Parade and we're playing Play that Funky Music and Cut to the Chase. in Cut to it, i have to go up to an F above the staff...soooo much fun. especially since i have been able to do so without too much effort lately. it's great...triple A's for me!!! woot! actually, a B today, but i'm rambling...

then we're going to NY for a cruise in the harbor and then touring, and then i'm seeing Phantom of the Opera (kick ASS!). We're also visiting the Amish country, so that should be fun. 32 total hours of riding on a bus...oh the joy.

so, i hope everyone is doing well! if you don't really do this anymore but are just checking on it like i did today, and you happen to do xanga instead, my xanga is the usual SketcherPBR, so check it out if you want. bien! i'll see you guys later.


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Date:2005-10-04 10:34
Mood: I'm in school duh

Hey Kids!
This is Carrie.... I'm at school and it wont let me get on my Xanga so I thought I would get on here and say Hey. I didnt remember my password for LJ so i am on my bfs.
But Yeah HEY!
Keri says hey too!

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Date:2005-08-21 13:40
Subject:IT'S ALIVE!
Mood: mischievous

ok guys, for some reason i can't make entries from my home computer, so i'm just hoping that maybe i will be able to from now on since i'm using one in Alabama! maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and that's how the cookie crumbles! seeya.

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Date:2005-07-27 14:35
Subject:soooooooooweeeee! pig pig!
Mood: amused

hmmm....what to say on this stormy day? i like storms. there. i said something. weeeeeeeeee!
i'm watching the hunting and fishing channel with Wes and i can't stop cracking up. they keep trying to talk, and it's like "weeeeeel, we gut us her uh biggun, 'n it be purty fine! wut'chu tink dat der sucker be? fi', six', sev' inch big? jee-sus! dat der's a keep'r!".
wow. so funny. i was able to spell some of that thanks to the Grapes of Wrath.

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Date:2005-07-23 11:24
Mood: bouncy

well, it seems that things have turned around for the better here at the Robertson household. Carrie and her faja are here (chelsea couldn't come due to "bonding with her mommy and sis" :( arg!), and they had dinner with us last night. SHISKABOBS! it's kinda funny, though, cause Carrie doesn't like vegetables that much and she only ate the meat at first, but then she pulled it off like a trooper and got 'er done. she had to leave 2 tomoatoes, but my doggy DUTCHESS was glad to help in their disappearing act.

today, i plan on taking her on a tour of the new area, and maybe to Dolly Parton's house (which is only like 1.5 miles from my house). then we'll probably go to the Opry Mall and tonight we'll possibly go to the Grand Ole Opry and have a good time listening to no one because no one good is performing. oh well! it's the experience that counts, i guess.

sadly, she must leave sunday morning and leave me :( it's not fair, but at least she's here now. so let the good times roll and we'll stick to it like a oppossum to Rt. 60!

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Date:2005-07-21 15:52
Mood: amused

hmmm...i've had a pretty ordinary day, i guess. that is to say, SO FAR. actually, i've never mowed the yard at 11:00 in the morning, but that's really not abnormal or anything. i had to get rid of some energy. :)
let's see, what to talk about? hmmm...i'm watching that Beyond Belief show where they show you stories and you try to figure out if it's fact or fiction. some of this stuff is amazing!

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Date:2005-07-20 17:23
Subject:IT IS DONE!
Mood: jubilant

I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!! i finally have a picture for myself; pudding!! man, it took forever to find a pic that was less than 100x100 pixels, but it's all good and it came to a good end. woohooooo! thanks for all the help, y'all. it goes much appreciated.

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Date:2005-07-18 17:50
Subject:so tired...

i am phisically exhausted from playing tennis with my brother and my stupid neighbor. for those who don't know about my grueling new life down here, I HATE MY NEIGHBORS! to my left, i have a fat/annoying/stupid/A.D.D./spoiled 15-year-old neighbor dubbed Patrick. he can't play tennis or basketball or any other sport for that matter, but he acts like he can. he's so spoiled it's ridiculous, and he spends most of his time either looking through our refrigerator (unbeknownst to us) or playing one of his 4 gaming systems. what a moron.
to my right, i have younger neighbors who are just as deadly but in a different aspect. there are 3 of them, the oldest being 9 and the biggest brat, the others 9 and 7 or something like that. they get whatever they want, just like the other neighbor, and they even have cell phones. A SECOND GRADER WITH A CELL PHONE. that is just wrong on so many different levels. ARG!!!
these little neighbors are constantly demanding me to put them up on my shoulders while bouncing on a trampoline. have you ever tried bouncing on a trampoline with 90 pounds of extra weight that just flops around and kicks you in the face and stomach? didn't think so. don't try it; it's no fun for your shoulders the next morning.
haha; i have a good story for you. the first day that we arrived here to unpack some stuff, we met them. they seemed nice enough, and i had no problem with them. the next thing i know, we're eating dinner outside on the porch and we're all the sudden bombarded WITH WATER BALLOONS!!!!!!! i mean, what the !@%#^@? is this any way to treat new neighbors? (shut up, levi). we were soaked everywhere, and those little hellians were just laughing and pointing. i got up, and i swear; my head was so hot, the water was already evaporated by the time they started to run. LITTLE DEVILS!!!!! ah!!
hmmm, it seems that i should calm down about now. allrighty, then!
i'm pretty excited right now, since Chelsea and Carrie are coming down this weekend to see me in my new habitat. now i need to go write down pretty much the same thing in my xanga. i'm calling my xanga just x from now on; xanga takes too much effort.

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Date:2005-07-17 22:06
Subject:let's see if this works..

Tell the world who you are survey (160+ questions)

Created by shakido and taken 3957 times on bzoink!

Nick Name(s)plenty, but none that i go by
Age you wish you were8
BirthplaceFrankfurt, Germany
Current LocationBrentwood, Tennessee
Eye ColorBrown w/Hazel
SexualityStraight til the day that i die
What grade are you in11th
Zodiac Signwho cares?
Do You
Smokeno, and never will
Swearwhen i'm really mad
Singyeah, but no one's ever complemeted me...
Want to go to Collegeof course
Want to get Marriedof course
Belive in yourselfmost of the time
Think you are Attractivenot really
Get along with your parentssometimes, but don't we all?
Like thunderstormsyes!
Play an instrument3
If yes, what one(s)piano, guitar, trumpet
Consider yourself tolerant of othersdepends on their IQ
Trust others easily" "
Whad do you like most about your bodydon't know
Leastnose and neck
Are you a health freaksometimes
Your heritageDutch (i think)?
FoodSweets! (pudding, cheesecake, chocolate..)
Place to eatFazoli's
PersonOoh, that's a tough one
DrinkDr. Pepper
Band/SingerLed Zeppelin, Queen, Boston, Kansas
Music GenreRock
TV ShowWho's Line is it Anyway?
Sexual FantaasyMore than one, but can't tell
Turn onnice hair/body/personality/grades
WeatherPartly sunny with storm clouds coming
Late night activityHanging out with friends wherever
AnimalGolden Retriever by far
Have you ever
Had sexnope
Drank alcoholnope
Thought about committing suicidewe all have, whether we know it or not
Cut yourself, on purposenope
Had surgerywell, i'm not Jewish, so yeah
Been out of the countryyes
Played strip pokernope
Want to (again)sure
Slept with someone of the opp sex, that isn't related to you, wo having sexHELL NO
Kissed the same sex" "
Dated the same sex" " x a billion trillion zillion sextillion
Done anything sexual with the same sexwho the hell makes up these quesions?! NO!
Been betrayedyes
Killed an animal on accidentnot that i know of...
On purposeof course not
Been on Radio/TVthe average person is on camera 32 x a day
Danced in the rainyeah
Had a reoccurring dreamyeah
If is; do describehow about NO?
Have you colored your hairno
Have any tattoosno, never will
If yes; whereon my crotch (jk!)
Cooksometimes (on camping trips)
Talk to yourselfdepends if my other self wants to talk
Have actual conversations with yourselfdepends how bored he is (haha)
Sleep walknot that i know of
Snorenot that i know of
Name one thing you're obsessed withooh, you don't want to know
Fall sleep better with the TV/Radio onTV
Take walks in the rainsometimes when i'm bummed
Do you wish it were more socially acceptable for a girl to ask a boy outhell yeah, cause i'm a little shy with the ladies
In the past month
Drank alcoholnope
Been on drugsnope (never will)
Gone on a datenope
Eaton an entire box of Oreos yourselfnope (parents don't buy that stuff ) :(
Eaten sushidon't think i ever will...
Been on stagenope
Been dumpednope
Gone skinny dippingnope
(ever gone skinny dipping)yeah
Stolen Anythingnope (never will)
Been called a teasewhat's a tease?
Regret something you didyeah
Regret something you didn't doyeah
Soda or Coffeesoda
Coffee or Cappuccinocappuccino probably (never had either)
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate all the way!
Briefs/Pantis or Boxers(on yourself)boxers
Spandex or Shorts(on yourself)shorts
Skateboarding or Bladingskateboarding (even though i can't)
Taken or Single(currently)single
Windows or Macintosh or Unix(Linux)windows i guess
Loner or Group(on average preferred)haha. depends who you ask
Passive or Aggressive50/50
Optimistic or Pessimisticdepends on situation
Pepsi or Cokecoke
McDonald's or Burger KingSubway
Single or group Datesi don't know...
Lipton Ice Tea or Nesteaneither; ice tea makes me uneasy
In a Boy/Girl...
Favorite Eye Colorblue
Favorite Hair Colorbrown
Short or Long hairlong
Body Typeum...nice?
Best clothing styledon't care
Number of Piercingsnot over like 5 (should be on ears)
Number of Tattoosnone
Glassescontacts allow me to see the eyes better
Party hopper or more stay at homedoesn't matter
Currently have a crushyeah
If yes; what's their nameooh, can't tell
Do you dream about your crushmore than's healthy, i'm sure
What do you find most remanticthe stars and moon
Do you consider your significant other hoti don't know if i've met mine yet...
Who paysme
Holding hands isfine by me
Do you like watching the sunrise/set with you sig otherif i had one, yeah
Had a stalkeri don't know...
Are YOU the stalkerno
Miss someone right nowYES!
Biggest turn offflirting with other guys
Should they be willing to give you a back rub at almost any timeno
Would they play with your hairi like it when girls do that; makes me sleepy
Do you like kissingdepends who
Do you only kiss one person on the lipsi've only kissed one person on the lips period
If so whodon't really want to say
Do you prefer tongue or no tonguelike i said; depends who
Where is the best place to be kissed on your bodyum, well, um...
Worst placei think that feet would be kinda nasty
Last person who
Turned you oncan't say
Made you laughCarrie Stollings
Laughed at your joke(s)i don't have very good jokes, so...
Made you crydon't want to say
Brightened your dayCarrie Stollings
You saw a movie withthe entire 10th grade at CMHS
What makes you cry your heart outwhen people start crying
Do tears make eyes look prettyyeah
What do you do when you're angryfrown and type really fast or play sports
What makes you happymaking people smile or being complimented
What/who makes you smile uncontrollablymy dog Dutchess! DUTCHY! GOOD GIRL!
Who cheers you up more than anyone elsemy friends in general
Your weaknessknowledge about the opp. sex
Your biggest fearnon-mutual attractions
Your perfect pizzapepperoni & cheese
Goal you would like to achieve this yearget to know some friends down here
Your most overused phrase/word on an instant messengerhaha, jk, and oh well
Thoughts first waking uptoo sleepy...
Your bedtimeusually around 11:00
Your most missed memorybeing with my friends at my toga party
Have any petsyes: golden retriever Dutchess
Who's the person you talk to the most onlineCarrie Stollings
Who are you on the phone most withdad when he calls for me to look for somethin
Who do you trust the mostSean Beckett
Who listens to your problems mostChelsea & Carrie
Who do you fight with the mostmy brother
Name someone's arems you feel safest inany of my friends
And Finally
Was this quiz pointless or did it allow you to tell everyone more about you50/50

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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Date:2005-07-16 13:38
Subject:Double duty
Mood: contemplative

Right now i'm doing both the livejournal and xanga, but i don't know if i'll keep up both. probably will though, since i'm so bored all the time. any thoughts?

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Date:2005-07-14 22:26
Mood: satisfied

victory at last! it seems that i have figured this thing out finally, but i'm not so sure yet. tell me what you think, my friends, and i will be grateful for any comments. merci!

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